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Welcome to my Gallery, in this section you can take a perusal at my work. Current wantig to work as Magazine Photographer.
Just click on the style of photos you wish to look at. Portfolios give opportunities for creativity and experimentation with backgrounds, props and lighting. Clients can be models wishing to add to their existing portfolio, absolute beginners seeking experience in front of the camera or someone looking for a special gift for partner or family.

Portrait Portfolios / Frames Model Gallery
Face Portraits

Face Portraits

  Valentines Babes Competiton Digital Air Brushing
Portraites can now have Professional correction of the face blemishes and other impefections in your photos (portraits).
Fashion Casual / Fashion Liana St Albans Jessica - London Model - Outdoor Country park shoot Lucinda London Model December 2011

Fashion: This overlaps greatly with Glamour. If the model looks good, the clothes probably will too. The main difference is that the clothes, jewellery or accessories are the priority and not you.

Lingerie Lingerie Anna Model Coventry 2007

Agnese - London

Kelly - London

Lingerie is for the girls who want to wear something abit more than bikini. Lingerie models are needed for catalogues and also hired by photographes needing tht more interesting look for there portfolios.

Glamour Lads Mag Glamour   Selina Model Milton Keynes 2011 Cherrelle - London Model

Glamour is anything where anyone is photographed to make them look attractive or “glamourous”. This could be dressed in a big winter coat on a wind swept cliff top scantly clad or nude on a sun drenched beach.

Artistic Nude Artistic / Nude Rated 18+ Jemma Jey Model London 2007 Emilia Model London 2007 Claire Model London 2011

This page contains material of an adult nature, do not enter if it is illegal for you to view such material or if you are under the age of 18. Competition + Vote - My Premiere Profile

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Scenes, buildings, animals and Close Up Macro Work


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