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Artistic / Art / Implied Nude Modelling

Models wanted Would you like to get some quality photos and experience in modelling. Which will also start your your portfolio without paying £100 or more? Why pay when you can get quality prints from a serious amateur photographer with a professional attitude for free?

I am building up my portfolio and require models who want the same things as me - to get great images and gain experience. There's no payment and no catch. I can put the photographs from the shoot onto VCD-Rom that will play in conventional DVD players. I do not charge any fees as yet, since I'm using a digital camera I do not require lots of film. I do expect however travel expenses if I have to travel.

Depending on what you are hoping for the future, I'm willing to work more with you in order to get your portfolio off the ground and promoted. When you have your photos taken, you have the option to be advertised for Model work where photographers and other clients can contact you.


Art Nude Art
Digital Art NudeClaire Art Nude Model
ClaireClaire Artistic Nude modelling

Desiree Art Nude Model UK DesireeDesiree Art Nude Model UK
Jemma Glamour Model
Jemma Jey

Porcha London Model Artistic Nude
Sherri Jemma Jey Nude
Jemma Jey
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