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Wrushmedia photos published in the Main press newspapers

images of Insulate Britain (watfordmedia/alamy)

My Photos of Insulate Britain published in the news in 2023.

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Armed Police search for McCann

the sun may 2019
2019 – Sun News x 4 photos published

2019 – Mirror News | 2019 – BBC NEWS London

Double Stabbing Forensics Police scene

death fight car crash watford
family murder teenager shahena uddin

I was the first to discover this and get it to the press – It made the National main news

Music Production Party Event Shooting

wo shooting

The story that took me from Blogger to having a proper website. I was first and only reporter at the scene at around midnight.

Petrol Strike Panic 2012

sa today petrol
Video footage was used in ‘Blackout‘ drama

Channel 4 made a feature-length ‘What-If’ drama exploring the effects of a devastating cyber-attack on Britain’s national electricity grid. it was broadcast on TV in September, 2013.